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Trainz: A New Era introduces a range of new features that Trainz fans have been waiting for for many years. This page introduces you to some of those features:

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Procedural Animated Junctions

With the new "T:ANE" procedural track, when you create a junction including all the additional elements such as frogs, blades and sleepers in real time just by laying track like you are used to. Older track can also be replaced simply using the "Replace Assets" feature. Information for Content Creators can be found at: How_To/Build_Procedural_Track_for_T:ANE


To add "tilt" to your track, use the Track Properties dialog and adjust each of the parameters.

Weather & PFX Collision

Smoke will collide with scenery objects and "supported" spline objects such as tunnels and bridges. Rain and snow now collide with the terrain and do not enter tunnels.

Train Motion

Add "bumps" to the track

(i) Load your test route in Surveyor

(ii) Under Track Tab > Trackside Objects find Invisible Track Bump

(iii) Place a few bumps along your track and place a loco and wagons at the head of your track.

(iv) Click on Quickdrive, Save and enter Driver

(v) Start your loco and watch using external camera for visual bumps

You can also edit the parameters of each bump using the trackmark properties tool in Surveyor.

Create your own "Bump"assets

If you're in to content creation you can add "bumps" to any trackside or crossing asset using the following config file tag:


This is a 2 float tag which takes a pitch angle followed by a roll angle, both in degrees. Script functions also exist on class Trackside to get or alter these values at runtime.

Adjust the track condition

(i) Load your test route in Surveyor, and open the Track Tab

(ii) Click on "Advanced" to open the advanced tab

(iii) Alter the track condition from "Default" to a number between 0 and 100, where 0 is terrible and 100 is perfect

(iv) Lay a track stretch and it will automatically have the set track condition

You can also use the "Get track condition" tool to check the condition of an existing stretch, and the "Apply track condition" tool to alter it.

Note: Random jolt movement will never occur on perfect condition track.

Adjust Rolling Stock Suspension

(i) In Content Manager, locate the loco being used then R-Click > Edit Config file Text

(i) Add the following lines to the file that opens

 suspension-stiffness       0.1
 suspension-damping         0.1
 suspension-pitch-limit     10
 suspension-roll-limit      25

These relate to:

suspension-stiffness - The stiffness of the suspension, from 0 to 1 where 0 is floppy and 1 is completely rigid. Defaults to 0.75.
suspension-damping - Degree of suspension damping, where 0-1 is underdamped (will oscillate back and forward to gradually settle), 1 is critically damped (will move back to equilibrium as quickly as possible), >1 is overdamped (will move back to equilibrium more slowly). Defaults to 0.3.
suspension-pitch-limit - maximum pitch angle of the vehicle, in degrees. Defaults to 0.5.
suspension-roll-limit - maximum roll angle of the vehicle, in degrees. Defaults to 4.

Interlocking Towers

Interlocking Towers are a new asset type which allows advanced session creators custom control over signals, junctions and crossings in order to define custom pre-set "paths" for trains to drive. This feature is added in TANE Service Pack 1.

A full guide on how to configure an Interlocking Tower in game is available here.

New Graphics Features

  • Full world shadows
  • Per-pixel HDR lighting
  • A range of Post-processing effects including:
    • Sun effects
    • Near and far depth of field blur
    • HDR Tonemapping
    • Bloom
    • Convolution
    • SSAO
    • Grayscale
    • Sepia
  • New water shaders, including more detailed reflections
  • Updated SpeedTree version

Other "Cool New Stuff"

  • New "Objectives" system and associated session rules.
  • Ctrl Mousewheel in Driver and Surveyor to change your field of view.
  • Shift +/- to adjust your draw distance without opening the Settings window.
  • Bulk asset replace/move/delete and random scenery placement. (Added in Service Pack 1.)
  • Lots more to come...

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