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This is a legacy material, and should only be used where compatibility with older versions of Trainz is required.



Bump mapped reflective material

Blends a reflection map onto a bump map. The blend between reflection and diffuse maps is controlled by the layerOpacity or amount value of the reflection map.


Mat tbumpgloss.jpg

Max Settings

Max material tbumpgloss.jpg

Max Settings in detail

  • Ambient - Ambient color R,G,B
  • Diffuse - Diffuse color R,G,B
  • Specular - Specular color R,G,B
  • Opacity - Level of transparency, 0 = transparent, 100 = opaque.
  • Glossiness - Should be set to 32 to match game.
  • Diffuse map - RGB = diffuse color, A = reflection strength/mask †
  • Opacity map - Legacy support for Diffuse texture Alpha channel
  • Normal map - RGB = bump normal A, = specular strength †
  • Reflection map - RGB = reflection color. Spherical mapping. 'amount' controls blend between reflection and diffuse maps.

† In TRS2019 Build: 105175 it appears these are reversed from what is stated here - Diffuse Alpha affecting Specular, Normal Alpha affecting Reflection Strength.

Blender Material Configuration V2.79

You must use the Blender Render option in Blender as the Cycles Render in V2.79 doesn't export the texture names associated with the material. You will need a diffuse, normal, and reflection texture. The reflection intensity can be altered in the Influence -> Diffuse value for the reflection texture. The material must have the suffix .m.tbumpgloss , with any name you like. Here is an example with the material name called "part1."


TbumpglossDiffuse279.png Tbumpglossnormal279.pngTbumpglossreflection279.png

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