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The information in this Wiki Page applies to T:ANE, TRS19, Trainz Plus and TRS22. It describes how to move your user data folder to a new location.

BlueDot10x10.png The User Data Folder contains all the assets that came installed with your version of Trainz plus those that you have downloaded or have created yourself. This includes all routes and sessions
BlueDot10x10.png This folder is created when Trainz is installed and is located (in Windows) on the C:\ drive in the Users\AppData folder. The AppData folder is normally a hidden folder
BlueDot10x10.png The folder can be moved to another location such as a different drive BUT Trainz must know where to find the new User Data Folder so the move must be performed correctly using a specific method

Why Move the User Data Folder?

When you install Trainz it will default to installing the program code and the user data on the C: drive. During the install you be given the option of installing on another drive but most users will use the default.

As you add more data, such as DLC and DLS downloads plus create new assets (e.g. routes and sessions) of your own, the size of the User Data will grow significantly. Several GB (gigabytes) of data is not unusual for even a modest installation. Some users have data sets measured in TB (terabytes). Eventually, the C: drive may not be large enough to store all the Trainz data plus all the other Windows software and data.

In this situation moving the user data to another attached drive to free up storage space may be the best option.

NotePad.PNG Notes:

The Trainz Wiki Page at WikiLink.PNG Moving Content has a text only description of the process that is described graphically here

Moving the User Data

 1  Start Trainz
 2  Open Trainz Settings

From the Trainz Launcher select  Trainz Settings 


 3  Open Install

 Left Click  on the Install tab

This will display the drive, folder and filename of the current User Data Folder which will be shown under the label Local data folder


 4  Copy the Folder Address

 Left Click  inside the box containing the address details then highlight and copy (press the  Ctrl  +  A  keys then the  Ctrl  +  C  keys). The address will be copied to your systems clipboard.

NotePad.PNG Do not close the Trainz Launcher Settings window as you will need it again (Step  11  below)

PencilTips.PNG A useful tip is to paste a copy of the folder address into a text editor (e.g. Notepad) for future reference. When it comes to deleting the original user data folder after the move has been completed you may find that you have several user data folders from past Trainz installs. The reference copy will identify the one to be deleted.

 5  Open Windows File Explorer

In Windows 10 and 11 you will find the File Explorer on the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen.

 Left Click  on the folder icon to launch File Explorer

Paste the Folder Address into File Explorer
 Left Click  in the File Explorer Address Bar

This will highlight the current address


Then paste (press the  Ctrl  +  V  keys) the address of the User Data Folder stored in your clipboard into the File Explorer Address Bar


The contents of the folder will be shown. These are the folders and files that will be moved to another location

 7  Copy the Folders and Files

 Left Click  on one of the items (a file or a folder) shown in the list then highlight and copy (press the  Ctrl  +  A  keys then the  Ctrl  +  C  keys) all the folders and files shown

This will copy all the folder and file locations into your system clipboard.

 8  Navigate to the New Folder Location

In File Explorer navigate to the drive and/or folder where the User Data Folder will be placed.

NotePad.PNG Notes:

You can use File Explorer to create the destination folder with a name of your choosing (e.g. F:\Trainz Plus\UserData)

 9  Paste the Copied Files and Folders into the Destination

 Left Click  in the empty Name Display Area and paste (press the  Ctrl  +  V  keys) the copied files and folders into their new location - this may take some time depending on how much data you have. As the files and folders are copied across they will appear in the File Explorer display window.

Wait until the copy task is completed.

 10  Copy the New Folder Address

 Left Click  in the File Explorer Address Bar then highlight and copy (press the  Ctrl  +  A  keys then the  Ctrl  +  C  keys) into your system clipboard the new folder address you created for the user data


 11  Paste the Address into Trainz Settings
Return to the Trainz Launcher Install Settings Window.
DotPoint1Blue.png  Left Click  in the User Data Folder address box
DotPoint2Blue.png highlight (press the  Ctrl  +  A  keys) the address currently shown and press the  Delete  key
DotPoint3Blue.png paste (press the  Ctrl  +  V  keys) the new folder address you stored in your system clipboard into the User Data Folder box

 12  Close the Trainz Settings Window

You will be shown a message asking for a restart.


 Left Click  on the OKBtn.png button to acknowledge it.
 13  Close the Trainz Launcher
Dropping you back to the Windows desktop.

 14  Restart Trainz Launcher

You may get a dialogue asking you to set your display options (Ultra, etc). If so select one to suit.

PencilTips.PNG It is recommended that you perform a DBR (Database Repair) before starting Trainz in Step  15  below.

The Trainz Wiki Page WikiLink.PNG How to Perform Database Repairs describes the process of performing a DBR

 15  Start Trainz
Select the  Start Trainz  option from the Launcher

NotePad.PNG Notes:

Once you are happy that the new setup is working you can delete the original User Data Folder on C: to reclaim its space BUT (and this is VITAL) do not delete the folder that contained the original user data folder (ie. its parent folder) as this contains files that Trainz will need to locate your new User Data Folder.

In the example screen shots shown in Steps  4  and  11  and as shown again below.

MoveUserData04.png The User Data Folder in this example is named build sd6ccvr61. The letters and numbers after the build are random so yours will have its own unique name. This allows you to have multiple User Data Folders for the same install of Trainz - for example: one with all the assets installed and another with just the "built-in" and "base" assets.

Once you are satisfied that everything is working correctly, you can delete the original folder (build sd6ccvr61 in this example but yours will have a different name) from your system.

The parent folder of build sd6ccvr61 is named trs22 in this example.  DO NOT delete this folder or any of the files it contains  - one of those files is used to redirect Trainz to the location of your new User Data Folder.


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