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Drivers Menu


The Drivers Menu, accessed by clicking the driver character icon in the Driver UI, allows you to add, remove, move and select between the driver characters in the session.

Drivers Window


The Drivers Window provides several options relating to the 'AI' driver characters in the session.

TRS2019-driver-add.jpg Add Driver

Adds a new driver to the session.

TRS2019-driver-preview.jpg Driver Preview

Shows the name and a preview of the driver character.

TRS2019-driver-unassign.jpg Unassign Driver (Multiplayer Only)

Allows you to unassign a driver from a player when in a multiplayer session.

TRS2019-driver-remove.jpg Remove Driver

Removes the driver from the session. This will also clear all driver commands assigned to that driver.

TRS2019-driver-get-off-train.jpg Get Off Train

Removes the Driver Character from the train it is currently assigned to.

TRS2019-driver-move.jpg Move to Destination

Select this tool, then click on the locomotive/train (must have a locomotive in it) you wish to move the Driver character to. Also used to assign a newly created driver to a locomotive/train.

TRS2019-driver-focus-on.jpg Focus on Driver

Will move the focus of the camera to the train that the driver is assigned to.

TRS2019-driver-loco-preview.jpg Locomotive Preview

Shows a preview of the locomotive the driver is assigned to, along with it's name and current status.

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