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Driver UI Buttons Panel

Driver UI Buttons Panel The Buttons Panel provides a selection of buttons for driving your train. Different buttons will be available to use depending on the train you are driving; these buttons are available in all UI modes.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-decouple.jpg Decouple (CTRL + D)

To decouple two vehicles, select the Decouple tool and then click on the red couplers that appear between the two vehicles.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-headlight.jpg Headlights (L)

Toggles the headlight between the 'Off', 'Dim', and 'Fully On' positions. Pressing L on your keyboard will toggle the headlight between on and off settings. Pressing Shift + L will toggle dim mode on and off (note, if the headlight is off, Shift + L will not turn the headlight on).

Driver-ui-control-buttons-ditchlights.jpg Ditchlights (;)

Will start ditch lights flashing. Will only function on locomotives setup to support the built-in flashing ditchlight system. Ditchlights will only function if the headlight is in the 'dim' or 'fully on' modes.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-horn.jpg Horn (H)

Blows the horn of the lead locomotive.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-bell.jpg Bell (B)

Turns the bell on and off. Not all locomotives may have a bell sound, or may have an alternate horn/whistle sound configured on the bell function.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-heading.jpg Change Cab (ALT + C) or Reverse Train Heading

On locomotives configured with 2 cabs (or with a 'rear facing' cab interior view) this will toggle between the front and rear cabs.

On locomotives configured with only 1 cab or cab interior view, this will toggle the train's 'heading'.

In both cases this will make the headlight, and reverser (realistic controls) or DCC dial direction (simple controls) change directions. This is the same as when an AI train changes direction.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-pantograph.jpg Pantograph (End)

Will raise or lower the pantographs on the train, if any vehicle in the train is fitted with a pantograph. If only fitted with 1 pantograph, it will simply raise and lower this pantograph. If fitted with 2 pantographs it will toggle each pantograph's position for each click/key press in the following sequence:

  1. Will raise the front pantograph
  2. Will raise the rear pantograph
  3. Will then lower the front pantograph
  4. Will then lower the rear pantograph

Driver-ui-control-buttons-sander.jpg Sander (V)

Will turn the sander on or off when in Realistic Controls. The sander is used to apply sand to the rails to help provide adhesion when you experience wheelslip.

Driver-ui-control-buttons-toggle.jpg Toggle Buttons Panel

Will hide or unhide the Buttons panel.

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