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Edit properties.jpg Edit Properties

Each engine or car in Trainz can be assigned properties. Click LMB on Edit Properties (P) to enable the setting of properties for engines and vehicles. The particular properties than can be assigned depend on what features were included with the engine or car when it was created.

A name will be automatically assigned to the engine or car by adding a number to its name, which can be customized, as found in the list of locos and cars. Names for locos and rolling stock persist only for this particular session.

Running numbers for some engines or cars can be changed by Clicking LMB on the underlined text after the words Running Number: a new window opens in which you may enter the number of your choice. If a running number has been assigned automatically this will be indicated.

If the engine or car supports commodities then they are configured in the area below the general properties. Typical commodities include fuel (diesel or coal) for engines, coal for tenders, general goods or any other product for wagons, and passengers for coaches.

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