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Object add.jpg Add Train

Click on Add Train (A) to enable the building of a consist. Click LMB on the engine or rolling stock asset in the list that you would like to place on the route. A picture of the asset appears in the Train Viewer window in the bottom of the tab. Click LMB on the asset in the Train Viewer window, the picture will rotate to show you different views of the selected item. Click RMB+H on the item in the picture and move your mouse forward and back to increase and decrease the size of the item in the Train Viewer window. Click on a location on a track in your route and your item will be placed at that point. To add items to your cosist Click LMB on one end of the consist or the other . The Red and Green arrows adjust to mark the ends of the consist. If you Click LMB too far away from the end of the consist, a new one will be created.

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