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The Driver Command Bar provides access to add, modify, or remove driver commands for the selected train. These commands are used to set the train to run under the AI driver, following each command in turn.

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Adding Driver Commands

Command-bar-arrows.JPG To add a driver command, click on the double arrow icon to open a list of available commands, then click on the command to add it. Some commands may have additional options, which will appear next to the command list. These commands are signified with a > at the end of the name.

Some Driver Commands may show a window after being added where you can select from additional options for that driver command.

The double arrow icon will also appear between driver commands, allowing you to add a command between two others.

Moving Driver Commands

You can move a driver command by left clicking on it then dragging to the location you would like it.

Removing Driver Commands

To remove a driver command, left click on it and then drag it outside of the Driver Command Bar.

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