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The Download Station provides access to many thousands of new assets for Trainz. For TRS2019, we recommend using Content Manager to search the Download Station, and then download content from the Download Station.



Searching for Content

Searching for content on the Download Station is performed using a combination of the filters system (starting with the predefined Download Station filter), and the if desired the 'search' box at the top right.

As an example, we will look for Victorian Railways rolling stock on the Download Station.

  1. Click on the Predefined Filters drop down
  2. Click on the 'Download Station' option in the list. This will then display every available asset on the Download Station.
  3. Click on the grey arrow to the right of 'Filters:' to open the Filters Tool
  4. Click on the '+' button at the right hand end of the current filter to add a new filter
  5. Click on the left hand drop down box of the new filter, and set it to 'category'
  6. Click on the right hand drop down box of the new filter, and set it to 'rolling stock'
  7. Add another filter, and set the left hand box to 'name', then enter VR into the right hand box

You will then see all 'rolling stock' assets with 'VR' in the name listed. You can add further filters if required to help filter this list some more.

Downloading Content

When you find an asset to download, left click on it to select it, then right click and click on Download.

You can also find the 'Download' option under the Content menu at the top of the Content Manager window.

You can download multiple assets by holding the CTRL key, then left clicking on each asset in the Asset List, then right click and click on Download (or open the Content Menu and click on Download).

If you have a active First Class Ticket, you can also have multiple download windows open at the same time.

First Class Tickets

First Class Tickets provide access to the First Class Download Station server, which provides unlimited daily access at higher speeds with a guaranteed connection. First Class Ticket subscriptions can be purchased from the [Trainz Store]

If you do not have an active First Class Ticket, then you will still be able to access the Download Station. However you will be limited to a slower download speed (approximately 5KB/s currently), with a 100MB/day download limit. If there are a large number of people downloading at the same time, you may get an "Unable to download...Too many connections" message. Simply retry at a later time or purchase a First Class Ticket for guaranteed access.

Video Guide

You can also find a Video Guide for downloading content with Trainz Content on the N3V Games YouTube channel.

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