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The privileges container is a top-level config.txt file entry used by KIND TrainzBaseSpec and all derived assets.


Supported Tags

The privileges container supports the following tags. Each tag is show here with its default value.

  permit-commit 1
  permit-edit 1
  permit-listing 1
  is-payware-content 0

It should be noted that, with the exception of permit-listing, this container only takes effect when content is packaged for distribution with Trainz or an official Trainz addon pack.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Controls whether local modifications to this asset can be committed. Note: base assets can never have modifications committed in order to prevent corruption of the core program.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Controls whether a user may open this asset for editing. This is mainly used to prevent simple viewing of content which resides in archive files, where the content creator wishes to protect their techniques against prying eyes.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Controls whether the asset shows in in-game listings. The asset will always show in Content Manager listings, regardless of this setting.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Indicates whether the asset is an N3V-distributed payware asset. This is not related to the licensing of the asset, but instead is a technical copy-protection mechanism. Setting this flag causes the game to expect that certain file types within the asset will be in special payware-specific file formats. The setting of this flag must match the actual format of the included files, or the game will be unable to load the files. When this flag is set, the asset is considered payware and requires purchase authorisation before the user is able to utilise the asset in-game.

Example privileges container


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