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Retain My Asset Names, abbreviated as "RMAN", is a third party Trainz Asset Name management tool by Deneban Software. It is a shareware program for Windows Desktop and is hosted on a node of SourceForge, where resides its documentation exclusively. Version 1.00 was rolled out on May 21, 2020, announced on this forum blog entry. Currently it is applicable to TS12, TANE, and TRS19.

Concept Evolution

Although RMAN was inspired by merely attempting to restore the user capability of assigning custom asset names within a users local asset collection (furnished in TS12 but disconcertingly dropped with the advent of TANE), the final product is fairly robust in concept, aimed at providing a total name management solution; one that gains virtually absolute control of a users local asset names, never to be lost again to revisions or reversions. An example of the robustness of its concept is best seen in the breadth of data it will handle (and promises it will handle): it can reach back to collect TS12 data while reaching forward across decades, managing TANE/TRS19 names, and claims it will project a users "permanent" customized names forward into future N3V Trainz releases that haven't been conceived yet.

Links for Retain My Asset Names are as follows:

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