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About me:

I have an interest in Trains (obviously!). Despite being a Trainz user for several years I have only recently become interested in content creation - other than routes and sessions. My particular interest in trains generally is UK steam prior to 1960.

Currently I live in Canberra in Australia but was born in the UK (London) and lived, as a child, for a few years on the Isle of Wight. During that period I used to catch a steam train to Ryde to attend primary school. That portion of the IOW railway system still exists as the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. After moving to the English mainland (Hampshire) in 1958, I became an enthusiastic train spotter and still have some of my books from that era.

My long term ambition is to re-create the old Isle of Wight rail system and some of its rolling stock in Trainz.

Other interests: Motorcycling (BMW 1300GTSE), travel, occasional software development (Ada (GNAT), C and various scripting languages).

Occupation: None! (retired)

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