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TrainzDev is a small group of Trainz users who are granted early access to in-development features and direct access to N3V staff in exchange for representing the Trainz community and bringing an external viewpoint to discussions of current and future features and technologies. The TrainzDev group is invite-only. While any user may contact a TrainzDev member and request an invite to the group, they should understand that their request is likely to be turned down as TrainzDev membership is deliberately kept to a small number.

The TrainzDev forum is publicly visible to allow all Trainz users to follow along and learn from any discussions. A private subforum now exists but is only used in rare circumstances; no significant group discussions take place behind closed doors.

TrainzDev is not a beta testing group. While bugs may be discussed by the group, such discussions are handled entirely separately from N3V's regular bug reporting systems.

TrainzDev Builds

TrainzDev members have access to an untested, pre-release build of Trainz which may include many modifications intended for future Trainz products. Depending on the nature and success of these features, they may eventually make it into a free service pack, a future paid product, or may in fact be cancelled prior to any public release. N3V typically does not comment on the expected release timeframe for any features made available via TrainzDev.

Current technologies being tested in this fashion include:

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