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Missing section

As written, the TrainzBaseSpec section does not specify which tags are mandatory for this class object. Please upgrade your writing to reflect what generates warning and errors. TS12 will make a fault out of missing thumbnail, TS2009 and TS2010 do not! If you want this reference to be respected, you need to put some guts in templates and tack them in. I'll be glad to help, but I don't have your source spec. This kind of writing leaves the reader unfamiliar with computers wondering if he's covered all the bases. // FrankB 15:58, 5 July 2013 (EST)

Needs a discussion of subtypes

Your audience is not by and large computer literate, and certainly aren't programmer trained save for a few of us. This kind of page needs breakouts by cases of subdata types and when they are appropriate, when mandatory and when it doesn't matter. There is nothing on this page to say when a Traincar type should and should not have a pressure container. TELL PEOPLE! // FrankB 15:58, 5 July 2013 (EST)

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