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The Trainz Classics 3 centrepiece is based on arguably some of the most famous track in the UK. One of the three major Anglo-Scottish routes the S&C's importance steadily downgraded after it was grouped into the London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) in 1923.

The stunningly researched and expansive layout is modelled on the railway between Skipton and Carlisle. A wide range of purpose built structures and lineside details accurately depict the route at the time of transition from steam during the 1950's and 60's.

The route can be travelled in it's splendid full length; and it is also supplied divided into smaller sections, for those occasions where the entire route is not required.

A small demo of the route between Dent and Ais Gill Summit, with Garsedale, Hawes, and a fictional colliery town called Wharton is built-in to TRS2006. A separate DLC version compatible with TS2009 was released in 2009, and an update makes it compatible with TS2010 and TS12. Another update fixes content errors to make the DLC compatible with T:ANE.


Packaged Versions


Bug fixes

  • Attachment to attachment bug: There were some problems experienced with having attached meshes which were attached to objects which were themsleves attachments. This has now been resolved.
  • Cull attachment bug: The issues found with culling attachments when using multiple LOD levels in Classics 1&2 has been resolved and this now functions correctly again.
  • Trackside objects: Trackside objects can now be on gradients
  • World location / Show KUID issue: These two tools couldn’t be on at the same time before (same area of window) this is now fixed.
  • Turntable bug: The ‘disappearing track’ issue when using turntables has been resolved.
  • Bogie vertical curve: Bogies that are attached 180 degrees rotated now pitch the correct direction on vertical curves
  • Sky animation: The problem with the sky moving too fast in Classics 1&2 has been resolved.
  • Alpha issues: Some of the problems related to the use of alpha channel textures have been worked on and this results in better implementation of alphas within TC.
  • dighole bug: The 'dighole' function no longer results in occasional land deformation.
  • camera position bug: The camera positions will no longer be altered when routes are merged that contain cameras.

New features from TC 1&2

Updated Passenger Objects

It will now be possible to have alternate passenger sets which can be specified at stations. This means that you can have appropriate passengers for your route other than the current defaults.

key for Cylinder Drain cocks

A key has been added to the keyboard mapping to open and close the cylinder drain cocks on steam locomotives.

Spline mesh table support

Adds support for spline objects to be trainz-build 2.5

Derailed consist removal

A rule has been included which can be set to automatically remove derailed consists. This can be modified to specify the time delay before removal occurs. NOTE: this rule was previously released on the Download Station before TC3.

Bogie movement

Bogies can now be configured to have horizontal movement .

Second Injector

Interior assets will now support a second injector control.

Sanding control

Interior assets will now support a sander control.

Automatic Fireman

The ability to have an automatic fireman has been added to assist driving.

Coupler Repair

It will now be possible to repair a broken coupler.

Speeding check

A rule has been added which enables scenario creators to check for the speed limit being exceeded.

Station Visited check

A rule has been added which enables scenario creators to check if a specific station has been visited.

Enhancements in TC3

Scripting update

Scripting hooks added to Passenger carriage door.

Improvements to CCP

Some changes have been made to CCP to make it more user-friendly and to enhance the usefulness of this tool.

New PFX for steam and Scripting access to PFX

Particle effects and their implementation have been improved to give the content creator much greater control of how the particle effect works through the use of scripting. We have also made it easier for a content creator to make steam smoke effects out of the smoke chimney/stack with the smoke mode "anim2". This, when used on a steam locomotive, generates '"chuffs" of steam syncronised with the cylinder strokes of the locomotive. Along with new smoke textures this provides a much superior smoke effect.

Improved Steam Sound

Steam sound will now be based on the RPM of a locomotive. Instead of before a train having to have a custom sound made, a base sound can be made for a variety of steam locomotives. Steam sounds are also synchronised to the locomotive's cylinders. With the new sound system steam locomotives are sounding better than ever before in a Trainz simulator.

New Signalling System

TC3 brings with it an entirely new signalling system. Trainz will now understand the concept of home and distant signals. It will also now be possible to implement block working on your routes with prototypical behaviour of both semaphore and color-light signalling systems. A new set of signals will be included in TC3 but the added flexibility of the system can be used to create alternate sets of signals for other regions and eras.

Improved Physics simulation of Steam locomotives

The entire physics system for steam locomotives has been given an update. An increased number of parameters within the engine spec configuration file and a greater degree of flexibility in their implementation has improved the characteristics of all steam locomotives leading to a more realistic and flexible system..

Better Animated Wheel slip

The animation of wheelslip has been improved and the subsequent effects of allowing wheelslip to continue on the fire state and steaming ability of steam locomotives has been implemented.

Improved Mini-map

Enhancements have been made to the look of the mini-map and some improvements made to the features available within it.

Spline/Track improvements

unit_mesh can now specify a distance to change detail level

Fixed/Improved tunnels

Single track splines without portals can be a tunnel, so that kitbuilt tunnels can have all standard tunnel behaviours

More realistic AI Control

The AI drivers will now use the loco/train brakes. Along with other enhancements this results in a more realistic driving manner of AI consists.

Greater control over traction through scripting

The scripting possibilities have been improved to give a greater degree of control over the traction characteristics of a locomotive.

Changes to water

Water is now see through. This means that it is now possible to see bridge supports and submerged objects.

Headlights control

Due to the popularity of the low beam headlight setting from Trainz Classics 1&2, we have added the ability to set the high beam values of the headlights too. This gives the content creators a much greater flexibility about creating lights on the front of train cars.

AWS system

AWS equipment will be present and fully functional in each locomotive represented in Classics 3 that was fitted with the system while in service with British Railways. When driving in 'full simulation' mode, it will be capable of stopping the train if you do not interact with it in the proper manner.

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