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When started for the first time, the Progressive List rule runs it's first child rule. After the first child rule has completed the Progressive List rule then completes itself. In order to run the successive child rule, the Progressive List rule must be restarted by a parent rule. This behaviour continues progressively until all of the child rules have been executed.

While the sequential execution of child rules is similar to the behaviour of the Ordered List rule; the Progressive List rule only executes one child rule each time it is started.

Once this list cycle is completed, the Progressive List rule either repeats the entire process; repeats only the last child rule; or takes no further action depending on the settings selected in it's configuration dialogue.


Available options are:

• Restart the cycle again from the first child rule.

• Run the last child rule again and every subsequent time this list rule is executed.

• No further child rules will be run. Attempting to restart this rule results in no action being taken.

Progressive List is one of several list rules for handling child rules in a specific way. See also Ordered List, Random List, Reset List and Simultaneous List.

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