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Note: Controls and control locations may vary slightly between iPad and iPhone versions of Trainz, but most functionality is similar.


Train Controls

Trainz offers two choices of driving - "Easy Mode" and "Realistic Mode"

Easy mode is a simple speed control slider that provides a driving experience for more casual train drivers.

The Realistic Mode provides full throttle and brake controls and takes into account power curve characteristics, track gradient and curvature and simulates real world physics.

Section-train controls large.png

Easy Mode

If you are new to Trainz and have not completed the tutorials, we would advise starting with “Easy Mode”.

Move the slider up to speed up and down to slow down.

To stop, center the slider in the middle and to reverse, move the slider downwards.

Section-train controls-easy mode.png

Additional Controls

Tap the chevron in the bottom center of the screen to switch between interfaces and access additional options that are outlined in the image below.

Section-train controls-switch controls.png

Section-train controls-coupling.png

Realistic Mode

To get a full understanding of the realistic controls of a locomotive in Trainz we recommend going to the Main Menu and selecting the “Learn to Drive” section. From there you’ll need to go to the second page of tutorials and select the “Drive the 3,000HP Sante Fe SD40-2….”, this should be tutorial 7. All the details you need to learn how to drive in Realistic Mode are explained step by step in this tutorial.

Section-tutorials page 2.png

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