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Required tag tagname was missing and has been set to default.

The container requires the tag, but it has not been included.

For example, an asset included a load subcontainer within the queues container:

   count                               30
   initial-count                       0
     1                                 <kuid2:67794:50004:1>

The error message was:

- VE60: Required tag 'size' was missing and has been set to default.

Error VE45 was also logged.

The incorrect tag name 'count' must be replaced with the correct tag name 'size'.

For some compulsory tags a default will be used if the tag is missing. Note that this default may not be suitable for the asset, and in some cases might not be valid, resulting in an additional error such as "Missing or invalid selection for tag '$(TAG_NAME)' in '$(CONT_NAME)'.".

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