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The Tag tagname is not permitted within a container of type containername.

The tag is not valid for this container. It may be misspelled, or it may be misplaced.

For example:

- VE52: The Tag 'running-numbers' is not permitted within a container of type 'traincar'.

The error was caused by including a 'running-numbers' subcontainer within a 3.5-build traincar asset. Arbitrary subcontainer names were permitted in earlier versions of Trainz, but as of build 2.9 they must be moved to an 'extensions' subcontainer.

This error can also occur if the file is corrupted. For instance, a misplaced, missing or duplicated double-quote mark can cause a part of a description to be read as a tag, and create this error.

Note that the config file is regarded as a container, so this error can occur for a tag at any level of container. The tag could be a single tag item or a subcontainer name.

Remove the tag if it is not required, relocate it to the correct subcontainer if it is misplaced, correct the spelling, or adjust the other part of the file that is corrupted.

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