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Invalid element count in tagname1 list. This list must have at least number elements (to match the tagname2 list).

The config.txt file tag tagname1 is a list. The number of items included in this list must be at least equal to the number of items in the tagname2 list, as both lists refer to the same set of features.

For example, the config file text

smoke1 {
 attachment                            "a.bog1"
 mode                                  "time"
 color                                 220,207,186,250
 accel                                 0,0,-1.5
 start                                 0,5,10
 rate                                  5,12
 velocity                              1.5,1.7
 lifetime                              2,3
 minsize                               0.4
 maxsize                               0.8
 enabled                               0

would be flagged with the error

! VE205: Invalid element count in smoke1/rate list. This list must have at least 3 elements (to match the smoke1/start list).

The start list contains 3 elements: therefore this smoke container has 3 phases. The rate list must also have 3 elements - one for each phase.

The fix is to adjust the number of items in the list to match the number of phases. Note that all 'per-phase' tags must have the same number of items in the list.

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