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Invalid range in tagname list. Elements must be greater than or equal to min and less than max.

The config.txt file tag tagname is a list. Each element in the list must fall within the specified range of values.

For example, the config.txt file

smoke3 {
 attachment                            "a.smoke3"
 mode                                  "anim"
 color                                 200,200,200,200
 start                                 0,10,0.35,0.6,0.85
 period                                0.24
 rate                                  1
 velocity                              5.5
 accel                                 0,0,-0.8
 lifetime                              5
 minsize                               0.6
 maxsize                               3

would be flagged with the error

! VE204: Invalid range in smoke3/start list. Elements must be greater than or equal to 0.00 and less than 1.00.

The mode for the smoke container is "anim", so the start tag defines the time within the animation at which each phase occurs. This time must be specified as a number from 0 to less than 1.

In addition the start time plus the period must be less than 1.

The fix in this case is to adjust the typo in the start tag list, and adjust the period.

 start                                 0.1,0.35,0.6,0.85
 period                                0.14
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