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Collision data exceeds 64KB and has been simplified. Consider using a different generation method or a simplified mesh.

The asset contains complex geometry for which the selected (or default) collision geometry generation technique generated excessively complex results. This would increase memory usage and decrease performance, and as such is prevented by the game- a simplified collision geometry is used instead. This may be harmless, but it also may result in collision detection behaviour from differing from the creator's expectations. Either way, it costs unnecessary performance when installing or validating the asset, and emits undesirable warning messages.

Resolving this message may involve one or more of:

1. Lowering the amount of detail in the mesh in question. If this can be achieved without degrading the visual quality of the asset, then this is a win both from the perspective of removing the collision data problems, and also from the perspective of rendering performance. This approach is not recommended if visual detail needs to be sacrificed.

2. Overriding the collision generation settings for the mesh-table entry in question to select a more efficient method. This is suitable in scenarios where a simplified collision data technique can be used on the mesh without compromising physical responses (such as PFX collisions) to any significant degree. This does not have any effect on the visuals.

3. Using the collision-mesh tag to specify a separate lower-detail mesh to use for collision purposes. This approach offers the ultimate in manual control at the expense of having to maintain an additional mesh purely for collision purposes.

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