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VE171: Expected texture file type but found 'image filename' for 'resource reference'

For example:

- VE171: Expected texture file type but found 'bok.tga' for 'arc:fld:$(local)/hash-35||kuid2 110019 1118 1.tzarc|'

Trainz found a reference to a source image file (eg. "bok.tga") where a texture resource (eg. "bok.texture") was expected. Images and textures are not interchangeable. Also note that texture resource references end in ".texture", whereas source texture files on disk will end in ".texture.txt".

The error must be corrected at the site of the reference. If the reference is in the config.txt file then this is as simple as replacing the image reference (eg. "bok.tga") with the appropriate texture resource reference ("bok.texture"), although if the texture.txt file does not already exist then you may need to create it first. If the reference is from a mesh file (such as "" or "bok.trainzmesh") then you will need to correct the source mesh in your modelling software (eg. Max or Blender) and then re-export it. N3V does not provide any tools for editing mesh files directly. If you do not have access to the source mesh, then the problem mesh should be treated as corrupted and replaced with a new mesh which does not have the same problem.

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