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File <texture filename> is not a valid compiled texture file for <KUID> <texture name>

(Texture files are named <texture name>.texture.)

The texture file is not compatible with this version of Trainz.

If this occurs with a newly created asset, check that the image files in the asset folder are correctly configured and import the asset again.

If this occurs with an asset upgraded from an earlier version of Trainz then the problem is that the older texture file format is not compatible with this version. If the asset is imported as a CDP file the texture files are not converted to the new format. It may be possible to fix the error by opening the asset for editing in that earlier version, confirming that the texture.txt file and the image file are present and correct, and then importing that asset folder instead of the CDP. Importing an asset folder causes the texture file to be recreated in the current format.

For built-in assets from earlier versions of Trainz it may not be possible to create the original texture.txt and image files.

This error may also generate warning VE65.

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