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One of the LOD reductions of mesh lod (lm) file introduces a new attachment point: attachment point name.

A mesh that is listed at a lower level in the LOD contains an attachment point that is not included in one or more meshes at a higher level in the LOD.

Lower-level LOD meshes can omit attachment points that exist in the higher-level LOD meshes, but they should not introduce new attachment points.

For example:

! <kuid:487016:101617> VE162: One of the LOD reductions of 'lxd2_body/lxd2_body.lm.txt' introduces a new attachment point: a.loaderl

This error can occur where an attachment point is misspelled in the lower-level LOD mesh, or where a generic mesh has been used for the lowest level LOD.

Note: Attachment point names are case-sensitive.

The error can be fixed by reconfiguring the mesh - for instance by adjusting the attachment point name or by removing the attachment point from the lower level LOD mesh, or by adding the attachment point to the higher-level LOD mesh.

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