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Attachment point attachmentpointname in containername must be found in mesh meshfilename.

If the att tag is used in a container then it must refer to an attachment point that exists in the mesh or the parent mesh. This error indicates that the attachment point could not be found.

For example, the following mesh table subcontainer:

   mesh                                "reefer_body/hatch.IM"
   anim                                "reefer_body/hatch.kin"
   auto-create                         1
   att                                 "a.icehatch"
   att-parent                          "default"

resulted in the error:

- VE15: Attachment point 'att' in 'hatch' must be found in mesh 'reefer_body/'.

The name of the attachment point in the mesh is actually 'a.hatch'. The tag value must be changed to match.

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