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An asset must be specified for tag tagname.

There are a number of tags that require an asset to be included as the tag value. This includes some tags that are user-supplied names or labels, such as an entry in a 'kuid-table' container, or an entry in the 'allowed-categories' container. As these tags are optional, the error is a warning and the entry is ignored.

For example, the config.txt file for a traincar asset included a queue container:

   size                                30
   initial-count                       0

The error message was

! VE146: An asset must be specified for tag '1'.

If an allowed products subcontainer is included, then an asset kuid for that product must be provided.

The fix is:

  • Remove the tag (or the container) if it is not required.
  • Add or fix the asset reference in the tag.
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