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New Trainzer Tip!

Clicking on Start in the Launcher menu will launch the Trainz simulator and take you to the Main Menu. Loading the game may take a minute or two as the data base readies itself for business. This is perfectly normal an necessary. The Launcher window will close, and a new window (or full screen view per your option settings) will open the Main Menu pictured below.

Trainz 2012 Main Menu screen
Trainz 2010 Main Menu screen

You can adjust the size of the display area (windowed or fullscreen) and/or screen resolution in Help: Options.

If you do not see the Main Menu, check your TaskBar for a Trainz icon, and click on that icon.

To confirm that Trainz is running, open Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and you will see the Trainz.exe and TADDaemon.exe proceses running.

If you cannot get to the Main Menu screen, it is possible that your video card, video cards drivers or other hardware is incompatible or requires updating.

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