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In TRS19, the in-game Asset Download window allows you to download your latest DLC pack purchases, and additional freeware content from within Trainz quickly and easily.

You can minimize this window while the downloads continue and carry on with other tasks.

(You will be warned if you try to close the game window while the downloads are active.)

Asset Download Window


DLC Pack/Premium Content Downloads

When you start Trainz after purchasing a new DLC pack, the Asset Download window will automatically appear with your new purchases ready for download.

To download all of the listed items, simply click on Download All.

To download just an individual DLC pack, click on the DLC pack in the list, then click on 'Download'.

If a DLC pack is made up of multiple parts, then you must download all parts for the DLC pack to work in Trainz. If you close Trainz, or the Asset Download window, without downloading all parts of the DLC pack then it will not be able to be used in Trainz (as it will show missing dependencies).

DLC Downloads

If the Asset Download window doesn't appear after you have purchased a new DLC item, we suggest closing Trainz and waiting 5 minutes.

If that doesn't help, then try the following steps:

  • From the Launcher click File > Download Purchased Items
  • Click Start Trainz
  • If the Asset Download window still doesn't appear, close the main game window
  • From the Launcher click Trainz Settings then click Internet tab.
  • Remove your username, then re-enter it again.
  • Click Start Trainz


If, after installing a DLC item, your Content Manager shows "Missing Dependencies", then it is likely that one of the parts failed to download correctly.

Restart Trainz and click File > Download Purchased items then click Start Trainz. If new files appear in the Asset Download window, then download them and wait for everything to show "Installed Complete".

If there are no files to download, and your content shows missing dependencies, your install is not complete. You will need to uninstall the DLC packages and reinstall them again.

Follow this article for more help:

Note that most DLC packages come with 2 or more parts. You must download each part and wait for the "installing" process to complete before closing the Asset Download Window. You can minimize the window and carry on playing Trainz while the downloads continue in the background.

Trainz A New Era (Std + Deluxe)

  • simc:SC025 - Kickstarter County (TANE) - 7 parts
  • simc:SC236 - Healesville - 7 parts
  • simc:SC237 - Warwick to Wallangarra - 4 parts
  • simc:SC274 - Milwaukee Road - Avery Drexel - 8 parts
  • simc:SC276 - C&O Hinton - 7 parts
  • simc:SC284 - Season Town - 4 parts
  • simc:SC297 - ECML Kings Cross - 10 parts
  • simc:SC298 - Bidye Traction Railroad - 4 parts

2018-08-21 071002.png

Gold Class Starter Pack

  • simc:45374 - Trainz Route: Port Zyd & Fulazturn Railroad
  • simc:SC025 - Kickstarter County (TANE)
  • simc:SC053 - Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD SD60M
  • simc:SC081 - Conrail - EMD SD70MAC
  • simc:SC083 - CSX Transportation - GE B30-7
  • simc:SC118 - Trainz DLC: Nickel Plate High Speed Freight Set
  • simc:SC234 - SNCF - AGC Languedoc
  • simc:SC236 - VR Healesville
  • simc:SC264 - Union Pacific GE C40-8
  • simc:SC368 - Balezino Mosti
  • simc:SC379 - Settle and Carlisle
  • simc:SC390 - Niddertalbahn
  • simc:SC408 - Victorian Railways Type 2 DD Class Pack
  • simc:SC409 - DBuz 747 Passenger Cars
  • simc:SC469 - Tnfrhs Refrigerator Wagon
  • simc:TDD051 - China D38 Schnabel Car - Red
  • simc:TDD054 - Trainz DLC: LMS Coronation Scot

Trainz Gold Class - August Collection

  • simc:45359 - Trainz Route: The Shorts and Kerl Traction Railroad
  • simc:SC063 - BNSF Railway - EMD SD70MAC Executive
  • simc:SC082 - Conrail - EMD SD80MAC
  • simc:SC095 - CSX Transportation - EMD SD60M YN3
  • simc:SC252 - Indiana Railroad - EMD SD9043MAC
  • simc:SC350 - VR M Class 4-4-0 - Early 2 Tone Green
  • simc:SC367 - Trainz Route: Mojave Subdivision
  • simc:SC384 - C&O 2-6-6-6 H8 - New River Mining Coal Run
  • simc:SC388 - Laadgs Transporter
  • simc:SC449 - CO17-4173 ( Russian Loco and Tender )
  • simc:TDD035 - LMS Duchess

Trainz Gold Class - September Collection

  • simc:45373 - Trainz Route: Appen
  • simc:SC050 - Burlington Northern Railroad - EMD SD40-2
  • simc:SC086 - CSX Transportation - GE C40-8
  • simc:SC089 - CSX Transportation - EMD SD40-2 YN2
  • simc:SC237 - Trainz Route: Warwick to Wallangarra
  • simc:SC433 - Trainz Route: Shortline Railroad
  • simc:SC454 - CO17-4171 ( Russian Loco and Tender )
  • simc:SC463 - EMD SD40-2 - Norfolk Southern
  • simc:TDD029 - Blue Comet
  • simc:TDD050 - China D38 Schnabel Car - Gray

Trainz Model Railroad

  • simc:45359 - The Shortz & Kerlz Traction Railroad
  • simc:45369 - Japan - Model Trainz
  • simc:45370 - Franklin Avenue Industrial
  • simc:45373 - Appen
  • simc:45374 - Port Zyd Fulazturn Railroad
  • simc:45381 - Brazemore Yard
  • simc:45406 - Bea-Dawe Model Railway

Platinum Edition

  • simc:45373 - TMR17 - Appen
  • simc:SC025 - Kickstarter County (TANE)
  • simc:SC236 - Healesville
  • simc:SC276 - C&O Hinton
  • simc:SC297 - ECML Kings Cross
  • simc:SC237 - Trainz Route: Warwick to Wallangarra
  • simc:SC274 - Trainz Route: Milwaukee Road - Avery Drexel
  • simc:SC284 - Trainz Route: Season Town
  • simc:SC298 - Trainz Route: Bidye Traction Railroad
  • simc:SC350 - VR M Class 4-4-0 - Early 2 Tone Green
  • simc:SC368 - Trainz Route: Balezino Mosti
  • simc:SC383 - Newcastle Shunter
  • simc:SC384 - C&O 2-6-6-6 H8 - New River Mining Coal Run
  • simc:SC388 - Laadgs Transporter
  • simc:SC390 - Trainz Route: Niddertalbahn
  • simc:SC398 - Trainz Route: Chiyoda Branch Line
  • simc:SC409 - DBuz 747 Passenger Cars
  • simc:SC430 - Us Atc Class S 160 Steam
  • simc:SC432 - Shmmns Coil Transporter
  • simc:SC441 - Cornish Mainline Branches
  • simc:TDD035 - Trainz DLC: Duchess
  • simc:TDD045 - Trainz DLC: PRR T1 - A Fleet of Modernism
  • simc:TDD054 - Trainz DLC: LMS Coronation Scot

Turning off Auto-Downloads

Usually you will be prompted to download items each time you start Trainz and there are new items to download. Sometimes there are files you do not wish to download, so you can disable the auto-prompt.

Simply go to System Menu > Settings > General Settings and untick "Automatically download DLC updates".

Free Content (Download Station)

The Asset Download window can also provide access to download new, free, content from the Download Station. To do this first open the More Content menu within Trainz, then select 'Download Station' in the Source drop down menu.

Now locate the asset you wish to download (you can filter the list further using the filter tools at the top of the page).

When located, select the asset then click on Download at the bottom of the page. This will open the Asset Download window, click on 'Download' or 'Download All' to begin downloading!

DLS Downloads

You can also trigger the Asset Download window to download a DLS (Download Station) asset by opening the More Content menu within Trainz, and then selecting the asset you wish to download, then click on the 'Download' button.

Installing Other Trainz Content

This article will assist in the process of installing all your other Trainz Content: Help:Importing_Content

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