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TRS2019-window-menu.jpg Window Menu

The Window menu allows you to access options and controls for different in-game windows. This will not change the Trainz window itself.

Minimise all windows

This will minimise all open windows to the Menu Bar. Click on the button on the menu bar to restore it.


Will minimise the currently selected window.


Will maximise the currently selected window.

Session Info (F1)

Will open the last session info message received. If no session info messages have been opened, then this option will not open any windows.

Driver Control Center

The Driver Control Center allows you to add, move, and remove AI Drivers from the session.

Session Options

The Session Options allow you to change the derailment mode, time, date, time rate, weather type, and weather changeability in the session.


Shows the Waybills window. This shows current waybills for the industries on the route; these will let you know when an industry needs a commodity and how much of that commodity it needs.

Schedule Info

If the session has been configured with a Schedule, then the schedule information will be shown by clicking on this option.

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