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The "custom-category-list" tag of KIND TrainzBaseSpec provides a mechanism by which additional machine-visible category tags may be applied to an asset. These custom additions are combined with the builtin asset categorisation to form the asset's Category List. Due to the limited use-cases and high potential for naming conflicts, it is recommended that new custom categories are introduced only after discussion with N3V Games. Other options such as KIND Asset-group are often more flexible and do not suffer from the same concerns.

Builtin category list codes and custom category identifiers do not share the same namespace, and thus it is not possible to use the "custom-category-list" tag to modify the builtin asset categorisation. In effect, every custom category identifier is prepended with a hash ("#") character to indicate that it is not a builtin code. This character should not be included in the "custom-category-list" tag, but must be used in any other scenario where you are using an asset's Category List but wish to refer to a custom code.

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