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The Corona effect kind is a "mesh-table" Container effect container. The following tags are supported:

kind "corona"
att ""
object-size 0.15
max-size-mul 2.0
mul-distance 60.0
min-distance 1.0
max-distance 315.0
max-intensity 1.0
texture-KUID <KUID:-1:6349>
distance-fade 1
directional 1
frequency 0
wave-shift 0

Explanations and default values

att: Name of attachment point.

Compulsory (3.4)

object-size: size of the corona in meters.

Optional. Default 0.15.


Optional. Default 2.0.


Optional. Default 60.

min-distance: closest distance at which the corona disappears.

Optional. Default 1.0.

max-distance: farthest distance at which corona will be visible

Optional. Default 315.


Optional. Default 1.

texture-KUID: specifies a user-defined texture for the corona by identifying the KUID of a " KIND_Texture" asset.

Optional. Default <kuid:-1:6349> (yellow/orange texture)

distance-fade: boolean value; 0 = does not fade with distance, 1 = fades with distance.

OBSOLETE - Do not use.

directional: boolean value indicating whether the corona effect has direction. A value of 0 means the corona is omnidirectional; a value of 1 indicates that the corona is directional along the negative z axis.

Optional. Default 1.

frequency: frequency of flashing in flashes per second. 0.2 is one flash every 5 seconds; 0.5 is one flash every 2 seconds; 2 is one flash every half second.

Optional. Default 2.

wave-shift: a floating-point value ranging from -1 to 1. This value determines the duty cycle of a flashing corona: that is, the amount of time in the cycle for which the light is on. Negative values give on times of less than half, positive values give on times of more than half. Note that this number is not linear.

Optional. Default 0 (50% duty cycle).
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