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This page is where the content creators gets to post config files-specific feature requests. Request any additions that you think will enhance the game. Things to keep in mind:

  • We are unlikely to add a feature which breaks any existing content.
  • We are far more likely to add features which are directly blocking something that the community is working on. If you have something cool, and need just a few minor additions then please detail what you're working on (ideally, on another wiki page linked from both here and your Content Creation Groups page) and why you need the additions.



Requests are placed in this section by the community, for discussion and possible inclusion. Requests here may or may not make it into Trainz.

  • I've seen a couple of instances where it might be nice to manually edit a mipmap - especially when playing with alpha channels for vegetation or wire fences. Would it be possible to support something like this in a future version of Trainz, perhaps by allowing us to use .dds files for textures? - Curtis
This could indeed be useful. It's been something that I've also wanted since TS2010. ~chris

  • Signals should be configurable to turn red after a train passes: immediately as the train goes by; after a certain - configurable - time; after the whole train passes (see video: ); or after a certain time but at least when the whole train passed - Partyman79
You should be able to do this already by creating custom signals, but it's a reasonable request for addition to the default signal script. ~chris

  • Currently track rail-head height is a fixed value of 0.3m. I request that this can be varied by the addition of a set-rail-head-height tag to the track config.txt. Surveyor would then read this tag value and use it to set the track height in relation to the ground. Track without this tag would default to the 0.3m height. This change would be to the advantage of tram routes, narrow gauge routes and other areas such as docks where a non standard lower or higher ballast formation would apply. Peter
Edit:- In relation to this it would be very desirable to allow fixed track and similar items to be height adjustable to allow matching to the connected track Perhaps this could be part of the 'useadjoiningtrack' function.

  • Locomotive Sound file Request: For a future version of Trainz, It would be nice to have the Locomotive engine sound related to the the load the train is pulling a a grade. At the moment a loco pulling a train up a grade sounds like it is on idle (pretty ho hum). I have great pleasure as I suspect many other Train enthusists, of watching a train on a steep grade pulling a heavy load with 2 or 3 loco's on notch 8 (full power) doing 15kph, it certainly sends shivers up your spine fantastic to watch. With todays wonderful stereo systems attached to puters it would be a great thing to see in Trainz. Cheers Lots

Short List



  • New KIND category, "Tool": This maybe need not wait for a future version of Trainz. I propose this as a KIND for the various items mainly used in Surveyor to assist in route creation. This might include any item intended for use in measuring size or distance, or assisting in item placement. Mjolnir
This sounds like a misunderstanding of what 'KIND' means. Perhaps something relating to category-classes would be appropriate here. -chris
At the time I proposed the request, I didn't know of the existence of the "surveyor only" tag which accomplishes exactly what I was looking for. -mjolnir
  • For kind traincar could you add support for attaching a kind mesh as fixed track has. This would be for making a coupler attached to a.limfront and a.limback so that one mesh/texture can be used on most US roiling stock-Whitepass
Attaching a mesh has been possible for a very long time. I'm not really sure what else you're looking for here. -chris

  • Currently placing invisible 1 tag in road's config file disables traffic in driver. Could this be fixed? -Mike
invisible is an obsolete tag anyway. -chris
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