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class This refers to the name of the script file and the class of asset it is (the class must match that stated within the script file).

cameralist Multiple in-cab camera positions relative to a.cabfront. 0,0,0,0,0 =left/right, front/back, up/down, yaw, pitch

To determine these variables add -freeintcam to the trainzclassicoptions.txt file. Pan around the interior in Driver, using arrow keys and mouse. See Page 386 for information.

Viewing co-ordinates are displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Make sure you include any negative sign for coordinates where appropriate when entering them in CCP for the config.txt file.

cameradefault The in-cab camera view Trainz defaults to when entering the cab.


pantograph_lever Pantograph lever/switch. For raising and lowering pantographs on electric locos.

horn Locomotive's horn.

independantbrake_lever Independent (Loco) brake lever

reverser_lever Reverser lever (Forward/Neutral/Reverse)

throttle_lever Throttle / power handle

trainbrake_lever Train brake lever - self lapping

trainbrakelap_lever Train brake lever with lap position.

dynamicbrake_lever For selecting dynamic brake

bplocomain_needle Main reservoir pressure needle

bploco_equalizer Equalising reservoir pressure needle

bptrainbrakepipe_needle Brake pipe pressure needle

bptrainbrakecylinder_needle Brake cylinder pressure needle

speedo_needle Speedometer needle

ampmeter_needle Power meter needle (motor amps)

flow_needle Flow gauge needle

windows Textured mesh with low opacity (semi-transparent) to give impression of reflection. This mesh has the same 3D origin point as the main .im model, therefore does not require an attachment point

wheelslip_light A warning light mesh that is only visible when the locomotive loses traction. This mesh has the same 3D origin point as the main .pm model, therefore does not require an attachment point

switch0, switch1 etc Switches

light_switch Headlight switch

wiper_switch Windscreen wipers switch


Kinds: lever Levers, switches, dials etc

animated-lever Animated Levers etc e.g. in steam cabs

collision-proxy Mouse collisions for animated levers

needle Gauge needles (i.e. Speedo, brake pres.)

pullrope Pull rope horn as in the F7

light Wheelslip light

mesh Mesh file to be inserted

Att Attachment point where mesh is inserted. If no attachment point is specified the mesh will be inserted at a.cabfront (the same insertion point as main mesh)

limits Mathematical boundaries Trainz uses determine the objects function. These values vary as different objects use different mathematical units. Generally use the default values used in the config files provided.

angles Rotational boundaries in radians relative to its attachment point. Refer to the radian/degree circle diagram below to help you out.

notches The position of notches within the angle boundaries. These are represented as decimal points between and including 0 and 1.

notchheight The size of the notches specified.

radius The notch position relative to the attachment point.

mousespeed This controls the use of the mouse on screen. Use this to control the mouse speed and push/pull direction for levers and dials.

· mousespeed -1 Inverts mouse direction.

· mousespeed 2 Doubles mouse speed in default direction.

· mousespeed -0.5 Inverts mouse direction and halves the speed.

test-collisions 0 Mouse cannot be used for this mesh. Collision mesh used instead. i.e. animated-levers.

opacity Usually used for the window mesh to give transparency (and the impression of reflection).

RADIAN / DEGREE CIRCLE (for angle reference)

CCG degrees to radians.jpg

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