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A ‘bogey’ is a term used for a locomotive or rolling stock wheel mechanism. In some countries these are known as ‘Trucks’.

Referenced by the bogey tag in a traincar config.txt


kuid <KUID2:###:#####:#>
kind bogey
animdist 2.1
      mesh Car_bogey.lm
      auto-create 1
      mesh Car_bogey_shadow/
username mybogey
description " "
trainz-build 2.0
category-class AC
category-region-0 AT
category-era-0 1980s
direct-drive 1



Leave this tag out if the bogey is not animated.

The distance traveled in meters by the bogey in 1 second (30 frames) of animation. This figure would normally be the circumference of the wheel (multiply the wheel diameter by Pi which is 3.1416). If for instance there are large driving wheels and smaller wheels used on the pilot, of a steam locomotive, you will need to work out the correct value for each bogey using the angular rotation for 30 frames.

For an example calculation see XXXXXXX

Note: Bogey animations (exported from Blender or 3DSMax) must be called "anim.kin". Trainz then automatically recognises the "anim.kin" file as the animation for the bogey. The tags anim and animation-loop-speed are NOT needed.

Refer to Chapter 7 - Bogeys for modeling guidelines.

direct-drive For Steam Locomotive animated driving bogeys only.

Important: When direct-drive is present, the bogey animation is linked to the steam piston and physics system. If this tag is not included the piston and steam sounds will not work!

The direct-drive tag may also be used on an invisible locomotive bogey to achieve correct sound timing for the asset.

Note: The example config.txt shows a bogey with LOD mesh reduction. Please refer to the LOD discussions on Page 370 to illustrate the additional .lm file required.

Reversing bogey animation: If a front bogey is attached to a train car, and the same bogey is to be used at the rear, but rotated 180 degrees.

The bogey container in the config.txt file uses a boolean 0 or 1 to set the direction, for example: If the bogey has animation, the animation will have reversed orientation (this will cause bogey animation to play in reverse). The attachment point for the bogey also has to be rotated 180 degrees in 3dmax/gmax to correct the rotation direction. The following entries would be required in the traincar config.txt:

      bogey <kuid:-1:100009>
      reversed 0

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