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The "mutexes" Container is a top-level config.txt file entry used by KIND SceneryWithTrack.

A mutex (in this context) is a participant in the Trainz Permit system, which is used to control junctions, A.I. trains, etc. A detailed understanding of this system is necessary before attempting to use the "mutexes" Container.

The "mutexes" Container is a list of mutex subcontainers with no standalone tags. Each mutex subcontainer uses the following format. Each mutex derives its name from the subcontainer's tag name. These names are used to refer to specific mutexes from within the "junction-vertices" Container.

Supported Tags

No tags are supported by the mutex container at the current time. The presence of a named entry in the "mutexes" Container is sufficient to fully specify a mutex.

Mutexes Example

The following is an example of a simple "mutexes" Container which declares two named mutexes.



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