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The human-readable English name of this asset. This is the name that will be visible in Content Manager, the Download Station, and Surveyor. The username tag is mandatory.

To compliment the English username, a variety of additional tags allow for equivalent usernames to be supported across other languages. It should be noted that the English "username" tag is mandatory, and must be in English. Localised tags are optional.

The complete set of supported description tags are as follows:

username English
username-cn Traditional Chinese
username-c2 Simplified Chinese
username-cz Czech
username-nl Dutch
username-fr French
username-de German
username-kr Korean
username-it Italian
username-pl Polish
username-ru Russian
username-es Spanish
username-hu Hungarian
username-sv Swedish
username-fi Finnish
username-da Danish
username-no Norwegian
username-jp Japanese
username-pt Portuguese
username-za Afrikaans

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