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The "Kuid-table" container is part of the TrainzBaseSpec making it a top-level config.txt file entry that is used to provide a list of KUIDs for an assets definition. The lists include:

  • KUIDs required for this asset to function correctly (dependency list)
  • KUIDs of assets that are obsoleted by this asset (obsolete list.) Specified under the table title: 'obsolete-table'.

A kuid-table must be included where the config.txt references additional KUIDs, such as a bogey, or a pantograph, including N3V built-in KUIDs. The Download Station performs a search, and those found are added to the download pack.

A kuid-table must be included where the asset obsoletes other assets, unless the only assets being obsoleted are KUID2 assets with a lower-numbered version.

A kuid-table can be empty.

"Kuid-table" Container Example

The example is a Kuid-table that lists the assets that are dependent on this asset. It uses integers as arbitrary keys for the KUIDs.

   0              <kuid:447264:1035>
   1              <kuid:-1:6132>
   2              <kuid:-1:100871>
   3              <kuid:-12:3537>
   4              <kuid:798180:100039>
   5              <kuid:44179:60013>
   6              <kuid:-3:10041>
   7              <kuid2:86661:9440302:1>
   8              <kuid:-3:10014>
   9              <kuid:-3:10003>
   10             <kuid:798180:100043>
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