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Welcome to the main TRS19 help page which serves as an index for TRS19 specific help and to link to Trainz general help.


Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Introduction

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (TRS19), was officially released on December 21st, 2018 on the Trainz Store, and January 7, 2019 on the Steam Store. The Mac Appstore is coming soon.

TRS19 is a stand-alone version of Trainz and expands significantly upon the Trainz A New Era (TANE) version released in May 2015.

See the TRS19 welcome page for details on the new features to TRS2019, including the Performance Configurator, TRS19 Main Menu, New Driver UI, and much more!

Main Help Topics

Select from the main topics below for assistance with the many functions, features, or options in Trainz!

Getting started.pngWhats new.jpgArea-menus.png Area-driving.png Area-building.png Area-dlc.png

Trainz Plus Help

See also Trainz Plus Help (for Gold Class Members).

Other Trainz Help

In addition to the Trainz Help Wiki that you are on, there are several additional sources available for help with Trainz.

Live Chat

We have begun a live chat service via the Discord software app. It’s similar to Skype but aimed more at gamers and has some very easy to use features. To get started, register an account (if available you might like to use your MyTrainz username, N3V will be doing this). Once registered, download the application for your operating system.
Once setup, all you need to do to get support is login then join the “support” chat channel by clicking on this link.
N3V, moderators and/or the community will try to help answer your question. Please be aware that N3V is on AEST and will get to your question ASAP. Moderators and the community are also very happy to help all Trainz users.


For more information on the TRS19 product please visit this FAQ page.

Trainz Searchable KnowledgeBase

If you require help with installation, downloads, account login etc, the please check our KnowledgeBase.

Trainz Support Website

If you have a specific problem that requires personal assistance, please contact Helpdesk through our Support Website.

TRS19 category on the Wiki

You can find many more topics for TRS19 in the [TRS19 Category]. Any page in the TRS19 category, or any other category, on the wiki will have a Categories section at the bottom of the page.

Trainz Forums

The Trainz forums are a discussion forum for all members of the Trainz community to discuss all topics relating to Trainz. The forums can be found [here]

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