SAR Kingswood

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Main Line with a Goods Loop. Unmanned location on the Peterborough to Quorn cross country line.

Peterborough-Quorn Line Bruce Location Index Quorn Peterborough-Quorn Line
From To Tower Paths (Down) From To Tower Paths (Up)
Ablue.png Cgreen.png Approach Dn to Main Bblue.png Egreen.png Approach Up to Main
Ablue.png Dgreen.png Approach Dn to Goods Bblue.png Fgreen.png Approach Up to Goods
Egreen.png Bblue.png Main Dn to Quorn Cgreen.png Ablue.png Main Up to Peterborough
Fgreen.png Bblue.png Goods Dn to Quorn Dgreen.png Ablue.png Goods Up to Peterborough
Peterborough-Quorn Strip Map
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