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KIND Scenery-trackside provides the basis for all track-attached scenery assets, such as trackside signs and devices.

This asset type inherits all map object characteristics except positioning, and adds trackside positioning and TrackSearch semantics.

The config.txt file for a KIND Scenery-trackside asset has the same kind scenery entry as KIND Scenery for historical reasons, however the two kinds are quite distinct and should not be confused. A KIND Scenery-trackside will contain a trackside tag, whereas KIND Scenery does not.


KIND Hierarchy

Parent Classes

Child Classes

Supported Tags

Each trackside asset supports the following tags. Each tag is shown here with its default value.

 trackside         0
 speedlimit        0
 buffer-speed      0
 follow-gradient   0
 trackmark         0
 search-limit      0


Type: Decimal
Desc: Used for buffers, this sets the maximum speed, in meters per second, at which the buffer can stop a train. If the Train passes the track-side object travelling faster than the buffer speed it will derail. If it's traveling below, or equal, to the buffer speed the train will stop harmlessly.


Type: Boolean
Desc: If true (1) the object will be oriented perpendicular to the track gradient. If false (0 - default) the asset will be oriented vertically, ignoring the track gradient.


Introduced: trainz-build 3.5
Type: KUID list container, TBD.
Desc: A list of asset groups describing the spline types on which this trackside object may be placed. This object cannot be placed on a spline unless the spline is a member of one of the groups specified here. If not specified, the list defaults to a single entry, <kuid:30501:100043>.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Search limit objects are used by the Driver AI and indicate the direction of travel for a section of track.


Type: Decimal
Desc: Sets the speed limit, in meters per second, for the track it is placed on, after the object. If this tag is provided with no value, the speed limit will be set to 100m/s.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Specifies if the object is a trackmark. Trackmarks can be used to place consists in TrainzScript.


Type: Float
Compulsory: 3.4
Desc: The distance, in meters, the object will be placed from the center of the track. Negative values will put the object on the left side of the track, and positive values will place it on the right.

Example Config.txt

Sample config.txt file for a trackside asset, with the Standard Tags excluded for brevity:

kind "scenery"
trackside -2.8
light 1
follow-gradient 0
    mesh ""
    auto-create 1


Attach sample files here?


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