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Getting Started with TRS19

Downloading TRS19

Once you have ordered TRS19, your TRS19 digital download is available to download from your MyTrainz account using either the online installer or offline installer.

For information and help on downloading the full version of TRS19 click here: Help:Downloading

Downloading TRS19 Early Access

If you have the TRS19 Early Access edition, then you will be able to update Trainz using the Patch Installer in Trainz.

This should automatically appear when you start Trainz. If it does not, then follow these steps:

  1. Double Click on the TRS19 icon on your desktop
  2. Click on Trainz Settings on the launcher screen
  3. Click on the Install tab
  4. Click on 'Check for Trainz Updates'
  5. Follow the prompts to install the update

Note, depending on the version you currently have installed, you may need to install several updates.

Installing TRS19

For information and help on installing the full version of TRS19 click here: Help:Installation

Installing TANE Content and DLC into TRS19

All the TANE built-in, Deluxe and Platinum content, as well as your TMR2017 routes and TANE DLC items can all be downloaded in-game. Just log in to TRS19, and download the assets that appear in the Asset Download window. For more help, please check In-game Downloading.

You cannot install Built-in or DLC content (e.g. From TS12, TANE etc) using Content Manager or manually copying files. You must download the new packages for TRS19 using the in-game Asset Download window.

Installing Locally Modified into TRS19

All your files downloaded from the Trainz DLS, from 3rd party sites or created by you in Trainz can be imported into TRS19. For guidance with this process, please check Importing Content.

You must not set TRS19 to use the LocalData folder for Trainz: A New Era or any other version of Trainz. Doing so can cause Trainz to become unstable, or cease to function correctly, and may damage any content in the LocalData folder.

What's new in TRS19

TRS19 introduces many new features or changes to Trainz. Many of the new menus and features can be found on the TRS19 Home Page

Edit Trains in Driver

The 'Edit Trains' tool (aka the Trains Tab) has now been moved, and is found in the Driver Tools Menu.

2018-12-17 132547.png

Window Menu

The "Window Menu" holds links to open the various pop-up windows wuch as session instructions, environment settings etc.

2018-12-17 132513.png

Help Menu

For ingame assistnace, click on the ? icon.

2018-12-17 132604.png

Changing the Driver Mode

Driver UI Mode To cycle between Simple (DCC) mode, Realistic (Cab) Mode, and AI (Driver Command) mode, click the three small circles on the bottom right.

TIP: Click the Driver Underlay button to add a black background to the Driver UI.

Track Profile

Click on the Gear icon to toggle various track profile settings on and off. The profile also shows mile posts and gradients.

2018-12-17 132908.png

Go back.png Go back to: TRS19 Home Page

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