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Using Wiki-markup —How-to-edit on this wiki
The wiki-how-to edit text and information originates in Wikimedia Foundation source pages on the sites: MediaWiki, Meta-Wiki, Wikimedia Commonsi, Wikibooks, or Wikipedia and is gratefully used verbatim, customized and/or adapted under one or more of the following licences:
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Using TrainzOnline
The Comprehensive Open Source Handbook for Learning how to use and edit the TrainzOnline Wiki.

The purpose of this page is to guide you through your TrainzOnline journey. From becoming a reader to becoming a contributor to the TrainzOnline community beyond the forums, each chapter explores what you should know to make the most of your journey.


Setting up a user account

TrainzOnline, unlike many wiki projects is blessed by having a protected shield—users must have registered with Planet Auran and the Serial Number of a valid Trainz version before they can edit here. This protects the site from vandalism. It also gives automatic editing privileges to registered users, meaning the only thing you need do as an contributor, is start a user page with a little biography information, and start making necessary fixes.

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