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Template Wpbl (mnemonically= Wikipedia bold large text) is the same as
the {{Wp}} template surrounded by <big>''' ... '''</big>, so produces a larger font size and bold output.


  • The internal template link forming and pretty-up-text workings of the templates are identical



This {{Wp|1|2}} template links to the English Wikipedia page give as the first parameter {{{1}}}, and pretty-ups the link to the article's page by an alternative text name or phrase if and when given a second parameter {{{2}}}, else displays the full name given as the output phrase or word.

Calling syntax resulting link appears as:
{{Wp|Trainz}} Trainz
{{Wp|Service pack}} Service pack
{{Wp|Graphical user interface|GUI}} GUI
{{Wp|Wikipedia:ParserFunctions|ParserFunctions How-To}} ParserFunctions How-To
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