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Usage: This template looks like:

This is a Template category listing utility macros which perform a specific task or tasks which tasks are generally needed to be performed on multiple pages.


This template automatically categorizes a page to the TrainzOnline administrative list category [[:category:{{{1|List of Template categories}}}]].

  1. The template should be placed on top of a page below any explanatory text, when put on an category page asserts the default auto-category as shown above within, and puts the template on the page as shown.
  2. If and when given the auto/numeric parameter {{{1}}} the value is a different category from the default.
  3. the Named parameter sort=something can be asserted to change the alphanumeric sorting of template category pages.
  4. the Named parameter text=something can be asserted to display an explanatory message about the page contents.
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