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TrainzOnline How-to
This template presents the banner message shown above UNLESS passed the default {{{1}}}, and no longer inserts {{TOCright}} before any text on the page, which is the difference between this and {{TOL-top}} and {{TOL-gen-top}}, both of which includes this template as a sub-template for consistent styling in the TrainzOnline Namespace.
It is written to take a navigation template as {{{1}}} , but that will likely require further work.
This template is used to set off N3V TrainzOnline Wiki admin, help, essay, and project pages —all user maintained pages on the N3V TrainzOnline Wiki from Official reference pages and tutorials. The TrainzOnline namespace does also hold wiki management and wiki-how-to pages as well.
Template action
  • It does the above by initiating a <div style=" ..."> HTML block.
Alternative's Usage notes
  1. It's complementary templates {{TOL-bot}}, {{TOL-end}} should be used to close the HTML format block and thus cause the page to form properly. These have different auto-categorization features.
    1. {{TOL-bot}} — auto-categorizes a page to Category:TrainzOnline usage pages, the parent category of category:TrainzOnline Wiki's reference pages
    2. For Projects pages use instead {{PROJend}} for auto-category:TrainzOnline Wiki's projects pages
    3. {{TOL-end}} — asserts no auto-category, but will take the '|cat=Category-declaration in the short form lacking the brackets and 'category:' namespace prefix. (i.e. give just pass it a category name, and it will handle pipetricking and link formation)
  2. {{TOL-refpg-end}} will also auto-categorize the page to the category:TrainzOnline Wiki's reference pages... which makes it inappropriate in category pages... hence 'beg-end' on article pages, and 'top-bot' on categories is per design and intent.
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