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The purpose of the template is to not at all subtly mark where the page so tagged has a notation about a need for further work, Information, or clarification by the 'N3V staff' and list it in their general category of pages needing work.


This template when "placed in-line" on a page auto-categorizes a page to Category:TBD, a TO-DO list category established by the programmers. Unlike the subtler {{N3V-todo}} template, this template does not auto-categorize to Category:Pages needing N3V attention.
  • It also asserts a delimited hyperlink back to this page and notation.


  • Place the {{TBD| Some clear statement as to what the technical issue is that needs resolved.
    • This part of the template can be a page long if needed, but try and keep it terse, short, and sweet.}}


  • Make sure to close the parenthesis: {{N3V-todo | Some text message...}}

Also: the template takes a priority sorting code as the 2nd parameter {{{2}}} which asserts as [[Category:Pages needing N3V attention|{{{2|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]], ahead of the 'PAGENAME' magic word.*TBD

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