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Place this template on a special redirect (Shortcuts) page to auto-categorize the shortcut, which access pages in the TrainzOnline namespace, versus regular article spaces.

To add a redirect page to the Shortcuts category:
1. formulate the using the syntax (all CAPS!) [[TOL:shortcut-name]],

  • Remember, shortcut names are SHORT! … Abbreviations of some kind usually, like [[TOL:EDIT]] (Editing help), or even something cryptic, usually initials of pages or phrases; mnemonics!

2. Navigate to the new shortcut redirect page (a redlink) and type #REDIRECT [[TrainzOnline:''pagename'']]{{shortcut}}

  • (Note: {{Shortcut}} must be on the SAME LINE, as do …

3. Any axillary category you might need to document the shortcut page too.

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