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This template is used with {{ORP-beg}} to set off official N3V Wiki category pages indexing article space official reference pages making them distinct from user maintained pages on the N3V TrainzOnline Wiki.


  • This template closes a <div style=" ..."> HTML block initiated by {{ORP-top}} or {{ORP-beg}} templates at page top.
    • The {{ORP-beg}} template is used to NOT assert and move the table of contents to the right margin
    • whereas the {{ORP-top}} always will.


  • This template is a variation on {{ORP-bot}} which will also auto-categorize the page to
    the category:Trainz reference pages, whereas this variant does not do any auto-categorization...
    unless the parameter |cat=something is defined explicitly.
    • When and if |cat=something is defined, this template can also be given the {{{1}}} default parameter to alter the sort order of the reference page as listed in that category, just like {{ORP-bot}}.
    • Sorting Difference: {{ORP-bot|ABC}} will list the page under the A pages, before any page 'Aeroplane' but after 'Aardvark'.


  1. {{ORP-end}} on KIND Engine will alphabetize the article under 'K', just as a normal [[category:Trainz reference pages]] would do.
  2. {{ORP-bot}} on KIND Engine will not categorize the page at all.
  3. {{ORP-bot|Engine}} on KIND Engine will alphabetize the article under 'E', if and only if cat=category-name is also defined. In the given example, Engine has no effect, so the same result as case 2.
  4. {{ORP-bot|cat=category-name|Engine}} on KIND Engine will alphabetize the article under E, just as a normal [[category:category-name|Engine]] call would do.


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