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Use this template immediately above the first text that you want to show on usage pages, particularly templates

Purpose: to act as a  <div style= …  header-block starter to set up a standard appearance on template documentation pages with minor HTML formatting.

  • The formatting so inserted should be 'closed' by installing a  </div>  tag
or by inserting the {{Doc-page-end}} </code>template which does that.
Alternative usages

The template has named parameters which if defined change the appearance and effect:  border=, BG=, width=, PAD=, MARG=, float=; and align=  which respectively affect and override defaulted style 'border', 'background', 'width', 'padding', 'margin', 'float:', and text 'align:' HMTL parameters.

  • margin and padding are given in order top, right, bottom, left, so 'margin: 0 2em 0 2em' produces a left and right margin of two 'm' character widths. Alternatively, 'padding: 3px 5px 3px 5px' will squeeze the inclosed text inside the default box 3 and 5 pixels from top RHS bot LHS.
  • PAD/padding needs three parameters, linestyle, color and width in pixels usually ordered and expressed in the opposite order:
  • <code> border: 3px solid blue or border=5px groove
    which express respectively as a blue 3 pixel border and a red 5 pixel grooved border (this latter example, giving something of a 3D look).
See HTML @ Wikipedia for further allowed coding options.
Alternative: {{Usage-style}}
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